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  • OPINION: This is a problem for us all to face

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    The Western Advocate today gives a voice to the many local families struggling under the burden of our state’s drugs scourge.

    The Western Advocate has chosen not to name the mother who spoke to us, describing the pain of seeking treatment for her drug-addicted son, but her story needs to be told.

    Because, as the mother told us, she is not speaking out only to help her 29-year-old son but, rather, every family and every addict who is struggling to reach the help they need.

    Drugs remain one of the key health and policing issues in our state and the constant development of new, cheaper and more deadly drugs only ensures that battle is never won.

    It is impossible not to feel for a mother who cannot sleep at night for fear of what her adult son may be doing to himself or others, but nor is this issue as easy as simply blaming thegovernment for not doing enough.

    The reality is, no matter how much we as a society spend on police and rehabilitation units, we will never be able to solve the problem once a drug has taken hold of an addict.

    Perhaps more money needs to be spenteducating young people, in particular, about the danger of drugs, but we must also foster greater compassion for those who are affected.

    Rather than leaving families to suffer on the outer of society, we must show them that the community cares about them and cares about their children.

    We must accept that even good people can make very bad decisions and they must not be thrown on the scrapheap for their poorjudgment.

    And we must recognise that drug addiction hurts not only the user but also the people who love them.

    One parent should not be left battling the system to get care for her son.

    This is a community problem and we must find community solutions.

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  • ‘Great to be recognised’: Orange firefighters rewarded for putting safety first

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    TOP CREW: Firefighter David Beattie, and senior firefighters Phillip Pedley and Timothy Collins with the NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner’s Awards.Absent station officer Matthew Jeffery and firefighter Rob Buesnel.Photo: JUDE KEOGH 1104fire award.

    A TEAM of Orange firefighters has been recognised for their commitment to work health safety in the NSW Fire Brigade Commissioner’s Safety Awards announced on Friday.

    B Platoon headed up by Orange Station Officer Matthew Jeffery and comprising senior firefighters Timothy Collins and Phillip Pedley and firefighters David Beattie and Rob Buesnel now have a commissioner’s trophy to proudly display at the station.

    Station Officer Jeffery said the Orange firefighters involved with the award should feel proud of the achievement of identifying safer ways in which the firefighters can carry out their job.

    “It is great to be recognised with this award as NSW Fire and Rescue has a commitment to work health safety,” Station Officer Jeffery said.

    NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner Greg Mullins presented the award to Station Officer Jeffery at a ceremony in Sydney last Friday.

    “Our employees put their lives on the line every day, so as an organisation, safety has to underpin everything we do,” Commissioner Mullins said.

    “The Commissioner’s Safety Awards program recognises FRNSW workers who make an outstanding contribution to improving or promoting safety within the workplace,” Commissioner Mulls said.

    Firefighters from the Orange station were recognised in various categories along with colleagues from places including Cabramatta, Cobar, and Blacktown.

    Station Officer Jeffery’s team identified more efficient ways of using electronics to exit and enter the station in Orange from the busy highway.

    The awards are self nominating and Orange had to vie for the award among scores of other stations across New South Wales who entered the Commissioner’s awards this year.

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  • Family reunited with treasure

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    Reunited: The Berryman family from Ballarat, which now lives in Melbourne, will have their family treasure returned by a Canberra tip shop.

    A TALE of history, motherly love and lost treasure has just unfolded between Ballarat and a rubbish tip all the way up in Canberra.

    Sandie and CharlieBigg-Wither own the Green Shed, a tip shop in Canberra. One object however made a big impression on Sandie –a beautiful, tiny Bible inscribed to a Ballarat soldier all the way back in 1915.

    The Bigg-Withers spoketo media and mentioned the Bible, which was inscribed with faded cursive handwriting saying:“From Mother, Nov 11th 1915 On his departure from Australia”.

    The mother included her name and address in the Bible –M. Berryman fromHigh Street,Ballarat.

    Mrs Bigg-Wither told The Courier the Berryman descendants,who now live in Melbourne, contacted them and will be reunited with their family treasure.

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  • Golfers out in force on course

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    B Grade winner Kevin McGrath with Fred Mezetti.

    Our golfers were out in force this week. A good field played the 12 hole competition on Thursday afternoon. The winner, on 28 points, was Kyall Ryan. Balls went to Bob Slattery, Peter Dale, Bob Bearup, Doug Collins, Ray Ross and Russell King.

    On Saturday we played an 18 hole stableford event. The greens have recovered well from the renovations early last month and the course has some run due to the dry spell. As a result we are seeing some pretty handy scores.

    Robert Hayden was far too strong for the rest of the A grader’s this week, with 41 points he was and easy winner. The runner up was Doug Curry.

    Brian Roberts was the winner in B grade with 37 points and the runner up was Kevin McGrath with 36 points.

    Nearest the pin on the first went to Mick English at 1.7 metres, Robert Hayden claimed the seventh at 2.2 metres, Darren Gordon won the 9th at 3.4 metres and Doug Curry was 2.2 metres from the pin on the 17th. Balls went to Eric Whalan and Graham Hotham.

    Improvement continue in the club house, this week the floor covering and vinyl was fixed to the walls. Steve Serong and Fred Mezetti have done a wonderful job. There is some plumbing and electrical work to be completed so that the new kitchen can be installed.

    Friday this week is the first Friday of the month dinner at the club, members and friends are encouraged to enjoy a great meal and good fellowship.

    Golf on Saturday will be a stroke event, members will be playing for the monthly medal and putting. This week’s golf is generously sponsored by Lithgow City Holden and members will play for the Lithgow City Holden Cup.

    Golfers are reminded that the Blue Mountains Championships will be played at Blackheath 15/11/15 and the Blackheath Open will be the following week. The Oberon Open weekend is November 28-29.

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  • Dubai to Abu Dhabi transport options

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    Your best option is to take the metro from Dubai’s International Airport to the Al Ghubaiba​ Metro station. This station is on the green line so you’ll need to change from the airport train, on the blue line, at Union Square. From Al Ghubaiba metro station make your way to the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, just a couple of blocks away. Apart from a break between 1-5am buses depart from there for Abu Dhabi about every 20 minutes. The trip takes just over two hours, the buses are airconditioned and very comfortable, and keep in mind that the back seats are for men only. From the bus terminal in Abu Dhabi you should catch a taxi to your friends’ residence. The Evening Desert Safari and Dinner from Get Your Guide getyourguide老域名 gets good reviews. After a pick-up from your hotel about 3:30pm, you’ll be taken to a camel farm and out for a spot of four-wheel-drive dune bashing – hold on tight – before trying an Arab shisha, a water pipe, and sitting down for a barbecue dinner under the stars with live entertainment, and look inconspicuous or you might be invited onto the floor by the belly dancer. The price is $129 a person.

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