• OPINION: This is a problem for us all to face

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    The Western Advocate today gives a voice to the many local families struggling under the burden of our state’s drugs scourge.

    The Western Advocate has chosen not to name the mother who spoke to us, describing the pain of seeking treatment for her drug-addicted son, but her story needs to be told.

    Because, as the mother told us, she is not speaking out only to help her 29-year-old son but, rather, every family and every addict who is struggling to reach the help they need.

    Drugs remain one of the key health and policing issues in our state and the constant development of new, cheaper and more deadly drugs only ensures that battle is never won.

    It is impossible not to feel for a mother who cannot sleep at night for fear of what her adult son may be doing to himself or others, but nor is this issue as easy as simply blaming thegovernment for not doing enough.

    The reality is, no matter how much we as a society spend on police and rehabilitation units, we will never be able to solve the problem once a drug has taken hold of an addict.

    Perhaps more money needs to be spenteducating young people, in particular, about the danger of drugs, but we must also foster greater compassion for those who are affected.

    Rather than leaving families to suffer on the outer of society, we must show them that the community cares about them and cares about their children.

    We must accept that even good people can make very bad decisions and they must not be thrown on the scrapheap for their poorjudgment.

    And we must recognise that drug addiction hurts not only the user but also the people who love them.

    One parent should not be left battling the system to get care for her son.

    This is a community problem and we must find community solutions.

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